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5 Tips For Better Orgasms Using Female Sex Toys

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A great orgasm is not just had. It’s earned. If you want to have better orgasms, you might need a few select tools with you to help you get there. That’s where female sex toys come in. Think of them as different brushes that create different strokes in the painting, that is the orgasm! Read on to learn five tips for better orgasms using for her toys 

Add some vibration into your sex life 

The vagina, especially the clitoris, is home to thousands upon thousands of nerve endings that, when excited, can bring you a powerful orgasm. The most popular tool for exciting these nerve endings is the vibrator. If you have been having sex for a while now, you might have already heard of vibrators and maybe even own one. But the key to having a great orgasm using a vibrator is not just using a vibrator per se; it’s how you use it.  

 Female Sex Toys for Better Orgasms

If you have something penetrating you down there – your fingers, a female dildo, or your partner’s penis – match the sensation and the “fullness” you feel inside with some vibration outside. Use a small finger vibrator, a bullet vibe, or a butterfly vibe, and run it in circles on or around your clitoris as well as the opening of your vagina. Spoil yourself with the mix of sensation and stimulation! These vibrators are much smaller than the standard ones, which means they won’t interfere with any movement during penetration.  


Another great way to use these small vibrators is to excite your other erogenous zones! Run them along your nipples, neck, ears, or wherever you feel a sexual tingle. That’s really the key to a great orgasm: to make it a full-body experience, don’t neglect your other erogenous zones! 

Use a clit sucking vibrator 

Speaking of clits and vibration, the clit sucking vibrator is one of the most wonderful inventions in the industry of female sex toysLather your clit with lube, put the clit-sucking vibe where you want it, and you’ll feel like you’re on the receiving end of great oral sex.  


Oral sex and foreplay, in general, are really the building blocks towards a great orgasm. What partners should understand is that it’s much more difficult for women to climax: there are plenty of buttons you need to push and strings you need to pull to really get to the aria of her moaning.  


Clit-sucking vibrators help ladies get as close to the sensation of oral sex as possible when they’re going solo. From that experience, you can then communicate to a partner how you like to be taken care of during oral sex.  

Change up the angle: use a realistic dildo with suction cup 

There are so many dildos available on the market of sex toys in Australia today. The key to finding the perfect dildo is to focus not just on the sensation it gives you but on your overall experience when you go solo. Is it enough for you that your dildo looks and feels realistic, veins and all? Or should you be looking for a richer penetration experience?  


That’s exactly the case for dildos wih suction cups at the base. Of course, standard dildos remain to be the favourite of many, and for good reason. They’re pretty awesome. But for those whose orgasm depends on the angle by which they ride, you need one with suction cups.  


If your dildo has a suction cup, you can stick it on any flat surface. They’ll stand firm on the floor for that cowgirl training. But you can also stick them to a wall and use them standing up and bent over. That way, you can also have one leg up, if that’s what really gets you to your happy place.  


Don’t be afraid to experiment when you’re going solo! What’s great about this is that you’re able to instantly communicate with your partner what positions feel great for you, because you’ve ridden that trip already!  

Don’t forget those naughty nipples  

Ever heard of the nipple orgasm? Well, it’s real, so don’t believe anyone when they say it’s not a thing. Nipples are some of the most sensitive erogenous zones in the female body (and in the male body, too!) When you or a partner play with nipples, you are exciting the same part of your brain that gets aroused when your sex parts are taken care of. If you try starting with just a little bit of nipple play, you’ll later find that you’ve already moistened up down there even if you haven’t touched your clit or vadge yet. Partners, take note! 


Nipples and the area around it have hundreds of nerve endings, so when introduced with sensations from touch, licking, vibration, and, yes, even a little bit of pain, it can totally make you go crazy. Note that the nipple orgasm feels sharper yet more subtle, so mixing that with the big orgasmic wave from down there will just be a wild theme park ride for you.  


Get yourself some handy nipple clamps, nipple suckers, or even nipple vibrators. These would be a practical choice, too: while you and your partner take care of your other erogenous zones,  these toys handle your nipple stimulation. Neat, right?  

Partner up and lose control  

One helpful thing to remember is that great sex starts in the mind. This is especially true for women, since it’s common among women to miss an orgasm just because they overthought it as it was about to happen. Why not lose a little bit of that control?  


Introduce the bluetooth or remote-controlled vibrator to you and your partner’s sex life. Hand them the toy along with some handcuffs or a little bit of rope and maybe even a blindfold. Basically, hand them that control. That unfamiliar mental place of assigning control to someone else is actually so exciting. You’ll find just how rewarding it would be in the end! 

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