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Adult Lingerie: The Do’s and Dont’s

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One of the most important elements in the sexual culture of Australia is adult lingerieWhen it comes to sex, it’s very important for you to be able to engage the senses. Wearing lingerie is a great visual for your partner: the deep, sultry colors invoke feelings of passion while the lace and mesh texture adds variation to the touch as they run their hands down your body. Lingerie is one of the most elegant elements in a person’s sex life.  
So if you are planning on getting yourself a lingerie, really think of it as an investment rather than a casual purchase. It’s true that with lingerie, a little lace already goes a long way, but the right pair or set can truly make yours and your partner’s night (and the many, many nights that follow.) About to go shopping for lingerie? Here are a few do’s and dont’s: 


Adult Lingerie



DoWear lingerie that fits you perfectly


Browsing through a lingerie catalogue can make you feel as though you are in La La Land – no matter what colour or design they are in, all the pieces look equally beautiful that it can be difficult to choose! When it comes to choosing colour and design, just go with what makes you feel great. Ultimately, that’s what lingerie is about – it's less about what you wear and more about how you feel when you’re wearing it. Pick out which makes you feel the sexiest.  
The trickier part, then, is in the size. It’s important that lingerie looks less like underwear and more like decor. Also, if you wear a pair that is too loose or tight, you will feel uncomfortable. Again, lingerie is about how you feel. Adult lingerie in Australia can definitely accommodate all sizes, so make sure you’ve got your measurements down. And don’t worry about whether you look like the models in the pictures – lingerie is for every body 


Don’tAttack the whole rack (not right away, at least) 

If this is your first time buying lingerie, it would be best to start with a few choice pieces. Owning and collecting lingerie is a journey. In the same way that you would start with a bullet vibrator before moving on to bigger, more complex toys, you should take some time to consider your experience with lingerie. You can start with a pair of cute panties. Watch your partner’s eyes light up in delight as you reveal a pretty lacey thing underneath your everyday jeans! 
You can even wear lingerie even when you’re not expecting sex. Many women wear lace thongs under their corporate outfits just to feel a little more powerful during an important meeting. As always, it’s up to you!  




Do: Wear a matching set  


If you feel that it’s time to invest in a pair or a three-piece garment set, do invest in a matching set. The obvious reason is that a matching set just looks so aesthetically pleasing. It's even better when you choose a great colour. While black or white is classic, it would be great for you to experiment with pops of colour as well. But if you do want to play around a bit by mixing and matching different pieces, just make sure there’s an aesthetic quality that brings them all together.  
For example, consider a deep red corset worn with black lace stockings. The black brings out the red even more, serving as a welcome contrast. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from those with a trained eye for colours and textures 


Do: Consider variety  


For those who have begun collecting lingerie, try out other types for size. If you’ve already invested in a trusty bra-and-panties set, perhaps it’s time to add a corset, bustier, or chemise to your collection. You might also want to add a sexy pair of stilettos to your shopping cart, too! And perhaps a mask? Hair extensions? Some body glitter? Get creative!  


Don’t: Forget to factor in everything else you’re wearing 


Say you’re going out on a date, and you wear a heavily embroidered bra underneath a dress made of thin silk. Wouldn’t the texture of your bra show through the cloth of your dress? That wouldn’t be a good look (even though you will look great naked as soon as you slip out of that dress.) You also have to watch out for what is commonly known as the VPL, or the Visible Panty Line. Panties with texture are notorious for causing a VPL, so make sure the bottoms or dresses you wear give sufficient cover.  





Do: Hand wash your lingerie  

This cannot be stressed enough: do not stick your lingerie in the dryer. This can cause all sorts of problems: wonky wires, loose threads, ugly folds and creases, you name it. The best way to care for your lingerie is to hand wash it. Fill a basin with lukewarm water and add special lingerie wash liquid (yes, invest in that too.) If you insist on sending them to the laundry shop, just make sure to leave very special requests or instructions. The best laundry shops will know how to take care of them anyway.  


Don’tLeave them laying around your room  


Bras can be laid out in a drawer; just make sure to pay special attention to the hooks, straps, and foam. As much as possible, try not to stack one bra over the other. Panties and other garments like garters or stockings must be neatly stored in their own designated storage areas as well. These are not your regular cotton panties or shirt bras – these are little works of art that can bring out your true centerpiece: your beautiful body. So handle them with care!  


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