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Adult Sex Toys For Maintenance with 5 Essential Tips

Posted by Harry Deller on

New to the world of sexy playtime? Or looking to grow your sex toy collection? If you want to fully enjoy your adult sex toy experience, make cleanliness and personal hygiene a priority. Here are five things to remember when maintaining your adult sex toys 


Figure out your sex toy's material 

Each type – silicone, glass, etc. – comes with its own maintenance instructions, so do a bit of research on that. 


Wash your toys before and after use 

All you need is warm water and soap! For a deeper clean, get yourself a sex toy cleaner.  

Use the right lubricant 

Water-based lubricant is your best bet. It can be used with any toy. Never use silicone lube with a silicone toy.  


Store them properly 

Keep them in a place where they don’t attract dust or grime. For added protection, store them in a designated box.  


Regularly check for damage 

Better safe than sorry. Check for damage to avoid any untoward accidents during use. Be extra careful with battery-operated or electric toys.  

 Adult Sex Toys Online

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