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Adult Toy Cleaner - Tips for Cleaning Your Sex Toys

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With great sexual power comes great responsibility. If you own a sex toy, then you should be cleaning them religiously. That is the golden rule that all sex toy owners must follow. Yes, using sex toys can feel great – downright euphoric  but once you’ve come down from that high, you should always, always answer the call to responsible sex toy use. Responsible sex toys use entails proper storage, toy maintenance (replace batteries, care for parts), and, most importantly, cleaning.  


There’s no room to wonder why cleaning your sex toys should be your priority. The first reason for this is that it’s for your own health and safety. You do not want any bacteria entering your body through your toys. This can cause a range of diseases – from urinary tract infections to` sexually transmitted diseases.  

 Adult Toy Cleaner

The second reason is that it’s good for your toys: if you do not clean them regularly, the quality might degrade. Sex toy cleaning improves the longevity of your toys. So keep a bottle of your favorite mild soap, get yourself an adult toy cleaner, and really make a habit of cleaning your toys before and after use! 


We all want sex to be as dirty as possible – but we only want to mean that figuratively, never literally. If you would like some guidance on how to clean your toys, here are a few tips: 


Porous material vsNon-porous material  


The key to proper sex toy care is figuring out first what material your toy is made of. Sure, you can’t go wrong with soap and water, but you will still do well to know exactly how your toy’s material interacts with cleaning agents.  


If your sex toy is made of porous material, it contains microscopic holes. Bacteria, fungi, and dirt, in general, could get stuck in these holes, so if you don’t clean before and after use, you’re looking at several bad days ahead.  


The toy is porous if you find these terms on your toy’s product description: 


  • Elastomer (rubber) 
  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPR) or thermoplastic elastomer; both can be called “skin-safe rubber 
  • Jelly rubber  
  • Sensafirm  
  • UR3 
  • Latex 


Here are examples of materials that non-porous toys are made of. Just because these toys are non-porous doesn’t mean you shouldn’t clean them as thoroughly as porous toys. Bacteria might not get stuck in the holes, but they can stay on the surface.  


  • Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic 
  • Borosilicate glass (Pyrex)  
  • Soda-lime glass  
  • Silicone  
  • Stainless steel and other metals 



General advice: use mild hand or dish soap 


Run the toy under warm water, scrub it thoroughly with mild soap for at least thirty seconds, and make sure you’ve covered the whole surface. After that, rinse and dry with a clean towel. For vagina-havers, make sure your soap is unscented, as scented ones can mess with your vagina’s pH balance.  


Tips that are specific to your toy’s material 


Elastomer, latex, and ABS plastic  


When exposed to warm temperature, toys with this material can degrade over time. If your elastomer, latex, or ABS plastic toy vibrates, wipe with a damp washcloth and make it a little soapy. If it doesn’t vibrate or if is at least waterproof, you can use warm water instead of wiping down. 


Soda-lime glass 


Toys made of soda-lime glass are usually fun to use during temperature play. It can pick up hot or cold quite easily, and depending on your creativity, a glass toy can allow you to experience a whole plethora of sensations in many different areas of your body. And because it’s sensitive to temperature, avoid running it under warm waterInstead, prepare a damp, soapy washcloth, wipe down, and then wipe again with a clean cloth.  


Borosilicate glass, silicone, or metal  


These non-porous toys are pretty resilient, so you can clean them in the standard way. But because they are resilient, you can also take your cleaning game here up a notch. To fully disinfect these toys, you can boil them for a few minutes 


It’s obvious that reading the words “glass, silicone, and metal” will have anyone conjuring images of butt plugs in their head, and these associations are correct! That’s why you’re welcome to go the extra mile when cleaning these toys. 


Use an adult toy cleaner  


A sex toy cleaner is a cleaning agent specially created for sex toys. It’s chemically produced to thoroughly disinfect your toys without causing degradation to the material. However, an adult toy cleaner might not offer the deep clean that only water and soap can provide.  


So the best time to use an adult toy cleaner is immediately after use. If you want to take a nap after you orgasm, or if you have to travel back home after a booty call, just wipe the toy down with the adult cleaner first. You can leave it that way for a while, and when you finally have time, perform your cleaning ritual. Just make sure not to use it again before you give it a standard clean.  


Use condoms 


Condoms will serve as a sufficient layer of protection, as it does for actual body parts. Fit a condom onto your toy, lather with lube (water-based is best), and you’re good to go. Of course, toys like dildos and vibrators fit a condom best. If you want to use it on smaller toys, that might just be uncomfortable for you.  


Mind the way you store your toys 


Yes, storage also plays a big role in toy cleaning. It would be best if you have a drawer that’s designated for sex toys only. If you have a smaller collection, maybe a box or a bag will do. Better yet, keep the box that it came with. If you throw your toys into a big pile of other items, they might collect all sorts of pathogens and bacteria.  


Just because you clean your toys doesn’t mean it’s okay to not make the effort to keep them clean even when not in use! Show them some love by storing them delicately. They give you intense pleasure. They’re always at your beck and call.  They’re there for you when your partner isn’t, and they’re also there for you when your partner is. Taking care of them is the least you can do!  


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