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Anal Plug Exploration for Beginners

Posted by Harry Deller on

Are you browsing for an anal plug online but are not quite sure what to do with them? Well, join the happy club of anal plug exploration for beginners!  So many people shy away from the anus, but for fair reasons, too. They say it’s painful, or that it’s just terribly unfamiliar that going down that route would mean plenty of heavy breaths and pull-aways and sour faces and all that. But the truth is, once you have wrapped your head around the fact that all good things need to be worked hard for, you will definitely regret not exploring your anus sooner.  

For the men: a walnut-sized surprise center is seated comfortably up your bum, waiting for you to notice it 

Let’s rephrase that – this is for the straight men, since gay men have known this secret to great sex ever since their sexual debut.  Dear straight men: you have got to give your prostate some love, and no, there is nothing “gay” about it. Human bodies are designed to receive and experience pleasure, and that is the reason why you’ve got erogenous zones all over your bodies.  

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Your main centre of pleasure, though, is your prostate, and it’s about two or three inches up the bum. You can’t miss it, since it does feel like a walnut. Massage and stimulate it enough and you will experience an orgasm that just shatters the earth beneath you. If you’re a guy, is anal plug exploration for you? Definitely!  

For the ladies: try not to shy away from your vadge’s neighbour, either 

Unlike men, ladies’ centre of pleasure is in front, not the back. So it would not actually make sense to go explore your anus if you won’t even feel any pleasure there, right?  


Well, that’s correct to some extent, but only if you isolate the anus from the rest of your sexual experience. If you focus only on what’s going on in the back, you might not see how it could be pleasurable for you. But if you take a step back and appreciate the whole picture, you will take notice of an obvious truth: the anus and the vagina are practically two units in a duplex, so if something pushes against the walls of your anus, your vagina will feel it, too. Plus, it’s the feeling of “fullness” that many anal-loving ladies are after, and it’s that sensation that keeps them coming back for more! So, if you’re a lady, is anal plug exploration for you? Definitely! 

How can you start exploring your anus?  

First, use those fingers 

If you are a beginner, it’s best to use your hands first. Make sure they’re squeaky clean and that you have applied lubricant generously onto your fingers, the opening of your anus, and as far as you can reach down the anal canal. For added protection, you can use gloves and place cotton balls at the tip of your fingers. Also, you might want to make sure that your anus itself is clean. Purchase an enema kit from your local drugstore and simply rinse yourself out.  


Maybe don’t go for pleasure right away (although it wouldn’t be so bad if that’s what you get out of this part.) Just be familiar with the sensation of opening up your anus and having something play around down there. If you insert an unfamiliar object right away like a butt plug, your body might instinctively reject it. But your fingers would be more familiar to you, so you’re likely to relax more if you start with those.  


Stick one or two in, spread them out, go in circles, generally do what makes you warm up to anal play. Through this process, you might also find exactly how you like to be rimmed, and you can communicate that to your partner when it’s time for partnered anal play and include warm oil for massage 

Next, get yourself an anal training kit 

If you’re looking for an anal plug online, try and go for the anal training kit instead. An anal training kit is a set of anal plugs that vary in sizes: from smallest to biggest. Some come in sets of three, others five. Either way, the main purpose of an anal training kit is to help you gradually familiarise yourself with the sensation of anal penetration.  


When it comes to anal exploration, never bite off more than you can chew. Even though people have involved the anus in their sex lives for millenia, it’s best to keep in mind the fact that it doesn’t naturally lubricate and expand the way a vagina does when a woman is aroused. So you have to be patient with it as it opens up for your fingers, your adult sex toys, or your partner’s strap on penis sex. The anal training kit (plus a lot of lube!) is the perfect go-to toy set for this; just make sure to trust the process!  

Finally, when you’re ready, vary up the toolbox a bit 

Once you have opened yourself up to the feeling of having something stuck up there, it’s time to think about other things: material, specs, and design.  


When it comes to anal plugs, there’s a wide array of material you can choose from. The standard plug is usually made of silicone, which is what most dildos, vibrators, and cock rings are also made of. Silicone is body-friendly and compatible with condoms and common water-based adult lubricants, and that’s why it clears out the sex toy racks so fast. But some people prefer to up their game a little: anal plugs made of metal or glass, for example, are sensitive to temperature, and the added sensation is what attracts people to it. If that’s more your thing, try and introduce these anal plugs to your anus as well. Just make sure to lubricate generously.  


Also, feel free to use anal plugs just for fun! You can get those with a cute little gem at the bottom which will look like a nice earring for your bum. If you and your partner are into a little BDSM animal role play, try one of those foxtail or bunny tail plugs to really get you into character.  

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