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Most Popular Sex Toys For Couples

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One nugget of wisdom that the most sexually successful couples can share is this: the best playtime you’ll have in your life is the one you have in adulthood. Contrary to popular belief, sex is not just (and really doesn’t have to be) procreational -- most of the time, it’s recreational. The bedroom is a place where you and your partner can explore each other’s bodies, act out your fantasies, and live the sweatiest, dirtiest, most memorable moments of your relationship. To really make the most out of playtime, your fingers, hands, tongues, and genitals (while incredible on their own, don’t you worry) will benefit from a lot of support! This is where couples sex toys come in handy. Whether it’s a sensation-enhancing toy or just fun stuff that can stimulate bedtime creativity, sex toys are a great investment for your relationship. The more fun you have together, the more sexually satisfied you are. That’s sexytime and quality time all rolled into one! 

Looking around for couples sex toys in Australia? Read on to find out which toys couples like the most.  

couples sex toys Australia

Good vibes only for your vadge-carrying babe

There’s no wondering why vibrators are so popular. Any vagina-carrying person who’s tried it will tell you that the sensation is incredible: the clitoris is surrounded by eight thousand (eight thousand!) nerve endings, and the vibrations from this toy can stimulate those nerve endings to increase pleasure. Couples love vibrators because they get a lot of mileage: they can be used solo or handed to a partner for partnered play. 

For first-timers in the vibe hive, a classic, compact vibrator should be enough to get you and your partner to start exploring the vagina. But for those who want next-level vibing, there are vibrators like G-Slims whose bulbous head is angled to go straight for the G-Spot. 

Multifun C-shaped vibes are also becoming popular: it “clips” the vagina and stimulates the G-Spot from the inside and outside at the same time! The C-shaped vibe is great for partnered play because it also stimulates the other person when used in contact with a penis or another vagina. It takes the meaning of “we’re on the same vibe” to a whole new level, doesn’t it? 

And the kinkiest vibe of all? The phone control vibrator. Yes, it works exactly like it sounds. It’s popular for the simple reason that there’s something so hot about watching your partner whimper and muffle their screams as you control their pleasure, literally, just by tapping away on your phone. Talk about sneaky public foreplay!

If you love him, put a ring on it

If you love your partner, go down on one knee and pull out the ring: the cock ring, of course. Cock rings restrict blood flow at the base of the penis, resulting in longer erections and heightened sensation. With the help of a cock ring, the blowjobs are better, the sex lasts much longer, and most of all, the climax is maxed up! 

There’s a bunch of different cock rings available in the market, all to accommodate a penis-bearer’s different preferences and tastes. There’s a regular silicone cock ring (great for first-timers!), a vibrating cock ring, a cock ring with a bunny attached to it (for clitoral or anal stimulation during penetration), and more. 

Plug and play

Couples love taking a ride to A-town with butt plugs. The awesome thing about anal sex is that anyone and everyone can do it, no matter the sex, gender, or anatomy. Anal play is popular among couples not just because of the act itself: anal play toys are some of the best (and cutest) in the sex toy market!

Classic, simple anal plugs work best for bum beginners. They come in many sizes as well, and most of the time in sets of three, perfect for couples who want a slow but sure adjustment to anal play. Those who want to take it up a notch avail of vibrating plugs or anal beads. There are also butt plugs that have heart-shaped jewels or furry tails attached to their outer ends; these make for cute accessories when taking booty nudes!

Thirst straps

Strap-ons have a reputation for being lesbian-only toys, but actually, many couples are using (and many more should be owning) strap-ons! Strap-ons (especially those with vibrating tips) are great for vaginal as well as prostate stimulation. Whether you’re going for penetration or double penetration, strap-ons are guaranteed to liven up the humping.

The play in foreplay

Naughty dice sets, sex poker, sex board games, and other daring dare games spice up foreplay and get the sexual tension in a room building up. What makes sex games so popular is exactly what makes other games fun: they can be played by two, three, four, or more. How do you get everybody warmed up and comfortable around each other during a sex party? The same way you would in other parties: just play a game! 

Don’t forget the essentials

If you’re looking to buy any one of these toys, don’t forget to load the essentials in your cart. Introducing sex toys to your genitals has to be done with care. Get yourself some toy cleaners, lubricants, douches and enema kits, and condoms.

All of these and more are available at The Romance Warehouse, the choice store for couples sex toys in Australia. Shop for your new sex toys online today! Head on over to The Romance Warehouse website to browse our full list of products. 

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