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Guide, Tips, and Advice for Female Sex Toys

Posted by Harry Deller on

Do you own or want to own female sex toys? Before you get all caught up in the pleasure, heed the following pieces of advice first.  

Start small and work your way up  

If it’s your first time buying female sex toys, give your body a slow and steady introduction. Start with a bullet vibrator and later graduate to standard vibes and dildos.  

Wash your toys 

Make sure you wash toys before and after use. Lukewarm water and soap is your go-to, but be mindful of how to wash specific material (silicone, plastic, etc.) 

Consider the option to use condoms  

For an added layer of protection, you can put a condom on your toys. Don’t forget to lather generously with lube after to avoid friction issues.  

Start kegel-ing today 

Kegel exercises can give you more intense orgasms and a stronger pelvic floor in general. Get yourself a handy set of kegel balls and stick to a kegel exercise routine. 

Explore the rest of your erogenous zones 

Nipple clamps. Anal plugs. Feather ticklers. When you’re growing your female sex toys collection, also think about all the hotspots in your body! Partnered sex is more fun that way. 


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