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How to Order Sex Toys Online

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So, you’ve realised that there is so much more to sex than using what you were born with – your sex parts, your hands, your tongue, et cetera. You have finally decided to reach into the toolbox of pleasure: the magical world of sex toys.

But you are not entirely confident about walking into a physical sex toy shop. You are worried that your anxiety and general feelings of awkwardness will hinder you from making a purchase that is truly worth your money and time. You do not think you are as strong as the ladies and gents who walk in and talk about their pleasures so openly with the store clerks who are essentially strangers. Oh, but you can’t wait to try new toys!

The solution? Order sex toys online. Buying from reputable online stores saves you the pep talk, the deep breaths, and the act-cool behaviour you would need in a physical store! Plus, online sex toy stores today offer great deals and high-quality products, which would be delivered to you as discreetly as you wish.

How should you go about this, though? Below, you will find a few helpful tips on ordering sex toys via the internet (you’ll find it’s not too different than ordering pizza, and both products are equally delicious!)

Order Sex Toys Online

Know your pleasure

This is important when you are buying sex toys in general, but more so online. Online catalogues may contain a whole plethora of products which can either overexcite you or overwhelm you (or both.)

So, to keep a level head (while also staying excited!), narrow down your search to what it is that can help you at this point in your sexual journey.

You want to know what you feel would excite you or if you and your partner are buying a couple’s toy, what you and your partner would both enjoy equally.

For vagina-havers

Most vagina-havers whose first time it is to buy sex toys often start at the very basic level: simple and classic dildos or vibrators.

If penetration is what you are looking for, a dildo can reach parts of you that your human fingers simply were not designed to reach. Plus, using a dildo is a great opportunity to brush up on those cowgirl skills in between sex sessions!

But if you are looking for a different sensation altogether, you want to start with a vibrator. First-timers often opt for smaller ones such as bullet vibrators which can be run gently around the vaginal area to stimulate the nerves down there. It’s a great introduction to sensation play. Plus, when it is time for partnered sex, simply hand it over to your partner to use on you.

For penis-havers

You can start with a masturbator (perhaps more commonly known as flesh lights.) They are fairly easy and simple to use – you don’t even have to read instructions, just have a glance at what it looks like and you’ll know where to stick that in! You can add a trusty lubricant to your cart to create that realistic feel.

But if you are looking for something more like a tool rather than a simulator, you can start with a basic cock ring. A cock ring suspends your blood flow at the base of your penis so that you can feel sensation much more intensely. They also help you achieve longer and harder erections.

Research on the product

Obviously, when you buy sex toys online, you can’t hold the toy in your hand before you make a purchase. That’s why it helps a great deal to do your research on the product you want.

First, start with the product category. For example, when you want to buy a dildo, try and look up the different types of dildos available in the market today. Dildos vary in so many different sub-categories, but perhaps the most noticeable is their size and shape. Think about which size and shape you would be comfortable with, and then find a product within an online store’s catalogue that fits the criteria you set.

Second, you have to be specific about the product’s material. This is because you want to know what you think your body would be comfortable with (most beginners opt for silicone as it is soft and friendly to the body, especially when paired with water-based lube.)

Finally, you want to know more about the manufacturer. As with anything for sale online, buyers often rely on reviews to decide how good of a product it is. Read comments, testimonials, or review articles thoroughly, watch YouTube videos, or ask the seller about the product.

Shop for care and maintenance essentials

Sex toys are only as good as the way they are maintained. This does not only ensure the longevity of the toy, but this also protects your body from injury or disease.

Throw in an adult toy cleaner in your cart: these are good for immediate post-use cleaning. After that, you would have to wash your toy with soap and water – but, and here’s another reason why research is important, you also have to consider specific care instructions based on the material of the toy. The manufacturer may also include care instructions in the product description, so note that as well.

You might also want to include lubricant and condoms. For penetrative toys, these reduce friction and make for a comfortable and pleasurable experience.

Don’t hesitate to request for discretion during shipping

The best online sex shops will offer you options for discretion. If you are shipping them to your house or your place of work and don’t want anyone to know, your provider may put non-descriptive labels on your packaging. You want your journey to be pleasurable even before you actually use the toy, so don’t think twice about making this request! Pro tip: ask the online store first if they can ship discreetly before making a purchase.

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