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How to Use Kegel Balls During Anal Sex

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For many, anal sex is a hole--er, a whole--new world, and it sure is a pleasure to discover. Whether you’re a beginner in anal sex, or you’ve been enjoying access through the backdoor for a while now, trying out new ways to enhance your anal experience is always rewarding.  

Let’s move a little further beyond the common practice of just lubing up and breathing right -- while that’s already so much fun on its own, there’s so much more to anal sex than its au naturale form. How to explore the backdoor a little more? Introduce sex toys to your anal play!

One of the best sex toys that can enhance anal play is the one you usually use for your booty’s next-door neighbor, your vagina. We’re talking about kegel balls! Read on to find out how to use kegel balls for anal sex. (And no, you will not be sticking them up your bum.)

What are kegel balls in the first place?

Kegel balls (also known as Ben Wa balls, Burmese balls, geisha balls, or jiggle balls) are small balls, usually made of silicone, that are to be inserted into the vagina to help you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Just like any muscle, your pelvic floor needs to be engaged through exercise, so think of kegel balls as tiny dumbbells for your vagina. When your pelvic muscles are stronger, they amp up your sexual pleasure, allowing you to have more intense and even multiple orgasms. It is recommended that vagina-havers perform kegel exercises regularly.

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How Can Kegel Balls Be Used During Anal Sex?

When it comes to the discussion on kegel balls, anal sex is usually out of the picture, since much of the focus is on the vagina. This is why many couples put their kegel balls away when they start to do anal play, or they bring out their anal beads instead. 

But anal sex is a little trickier for vadge-bearers. Unlike penis-havers who have their pleasure-giving prostate gland positioned right up the bum, vadge-bearers don’t experience sexual pleasure directly from anal sex. Their centers of pleasure are in the vagina. The good news is that the vagina and anus are practically neighbors, so for as long as the vagina feels something pushing against it, the vadge-bearing party will be aroused. 

Kegel balls, therefore, bring the vagina and the anus “closer” together, as it’s a great help during anal penetration. When you’ve got kegel balls inside your vagina while your partner is thrusting from the back, your partner’s penis or dildo can push the balls against your vaginal walls and even your G-Spot. You know your vadge best, so make sure to position the balls where you feel the most pleasure, and simply submit to the sensation as your partner takes you for a ride (or vice versa, if you prefer to be on top!)  

Again, here’s a strong reminder not to insert your kegel balls directly inside the anus. While they do resemble anal beads, kegel balls are likelier to get stuck or slip into the colon. Use actual anal beads or butt plugs instead if you want to train your anal sphincter. And yes, you can use both anal beads/plugs and kegel balls at the same time, but just make sure to park them where they belong. Do this solo or with a partner to help you out. And don’t forget to lube up -- you can never have too much!

Tips for Choosing Kegel Balls

There are different types of kegel balls, each designed to suit your specific needs. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right one. 

Size matters

Kegel balls come in different sizes. Know your internal size first before you decide on your kegel balls’ size. You can use your preferred tampon size as a guide. You can also measure using your fingers: if you can fit less than two, you’re probably a small, two means you’re a medium, and more than two means you may be medium to large. 

Weight does, too

Choosing the right weight will depend on where you are on your kegel training. If you’re a beginner, you should start with the lighter ones, and then gradually move on to the heavier ones. You may find kegel training kits useful. These are usually a set of six balls ranging from light to heavy. You should feel comfortable holding them in during anal sex, so choosing the right weight is important. 

Mind the material and design

You can choose among different materials, from silicone to jaded glass. For the design, there’s single-ball or double-ball kegels, and some kegels even oscillate or wiggle while you clench and release to give you added pleasure. Some even vibrate! Always listen to your body and choose what makes you feel better during anal sex. Since using kegel balls during anal sex involves more physical engagement than kegel training, you want to choose kegel balls that come with a durable cord attached so you’re sure you can find and remove them after all that humping. 

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