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Kink Positive: Fetish Sex Toys for Beginners

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What drives people to pursue an active, positive, colourful sex life is the sheer excitement of it all. And what’s more exciting than indulging your many different kinks? If you or your partner has a fetish, read on to learn which fetish sex toys allow you to indulge your deeper desires.  


First, what is a fetish? 


A fetish is a sexual fixation on what is originally a non-sexual object, body part, or situation. Yes, it’s true that most of society considers fetishes to be a “taboo” and fetishists to be “sexual deviants.” But a piece of advice that has enabled tons of kinksters to continue exploring their fetishism is this: don’t yuck someone’s yum!  


Each person has their own unique sexual energy composition. As long as sex acts are done with: 

  • consent; 
  • open communication; 
  • safety as a priority; 
  • and aftercare when necessary (for more hardcore fetishes);  


people should feel free to fully explore their bodies, minds, and sex lives.  


If you and your partner are newcomers to the world of fetishism, this article is for you.  


Common fetishes and helpful fetish sex toys that indulge them  


For your trip to fantasyland 


The fetish: role-playing 

The sex toy: costumes and props 


There are plenty of ways a role-playing fetish can develop. Perhaps the most common one is by watching porn. When you find yourself coming back to the same category or plot every time you go solo, it’s likely you have a fetish for that situation. But for others, simply feeling aroused when observing real-life situations makes them develop a role-playing fetish.  


Either way, role-playing is some of the most fun kink indulgences a couple can perform. When you want to role-play, it’s helpful to fully immerse yourself in your character. Buy costumes like sexy student, nurse, fireman, you name it. This gives you and your partner clear visuals; the more you disappear into your character, the more engaged the sex is going to be!  

 Fetish sex toys


For the one that kinks on their feet 


The fetish: foot fetish 

The sex toy: hand or ankle cuffs 


If someone has a foot fetish, they usually get aroused just by looking at feet. But you and your partner can take this to the next level – add a little bit of bondage in there as well.  


Indulge the visuals of the foot-fetish-having party by wearing cuffs around the ankles. This makes them feel that they “own” the feet they oh-so-love and are free to look, touch, and lick as they please. It’s great for everybody, as toes are (often overlooked) erogenous zones as well! 


For that lace up your sleeve 


The fetish: lingerie 

The sex toy: matching masks 


There’s nothing sexier than lace: lace panties, bras, corsets, body stockings, and more. But lace doesn’t have to be just a costume. It can also be the cherry on top of a whole sensual experience!  


Indulge a partner’s lingerie fetish by putting on lingerie and a matching masquerade mask. And then, dim the lights, turn on the music... and strip-tease the wits out of your partner. Lingerie is beautiful to look at, and it becomes even more beautiful when a partner watches their lace-wearing lover take it off for them oh-so-slowly.  


Not only does this indulge a fetish, but it also increases intimacy, especially for couples who are exploring their sexual connection on a slow-but-sure pace.  


For when you want to play with senses and sins 


The fetish: sensation play 

The sex toy: ticklers and masks 


While sensation play is a full-on fetish for some, even non-fetishists will enjoy sensation play. When you’re horny, you usually focus on what’s going on in your genital area. But when your partner also gives other areas of your bodies different sensations like cold or ticklish, you’ll feel a happy mix of sensations that all contribute to one big orgasm.  


You can glide a small block of ice along your partner’s skin; the mix of hot-and-wet down there plus cold-and-wet along the neck or inner thighs will make them go crazy. Or if you prefer a little tickle, use a feather tickler.  


Another type of sensation play is sensory deprivation. When you blindfold your partner, for example, their mind naturally heightens their other senses, and they become much more sensitive to the sensation they feel from your fingers, tongue, feather tickler, vibrator, or whatever it is you’re using. For beginners, invest in a quality eye mask! 


For your hanky-spankies 


The fetish: Impact play 

The sex toy: whips and paddles 


Sometimes, a little bit (or a lot) of pain is the secret ingredient to delicious pleasure. Impact play falls in the more hardcore side of the fetish spectrum, but impact play itself offers a soft-to-hard range as well. If you’re a beginner, start with a little spanking. (It's safe not to rush impact play, as pain tolerance increases over time, not overnight.) Later, when you’re more comfortable, move up to fetish sex toys designed for impact play: whips and paddles.  


An important reminder: make sure to spank an area with muscle and fat, like the booty. Don’t spank areas that are not protected by muscle and fat, like the neck, joints, and bony areas in general.  


For when you're told to knock first before you come 


The fetish: orgasm control 

The sex toy: remote or Bluetooth-controlled vibrators 


Orgasm control is a fetish that may fall under the (very wide) spectrum of BDSM, but it’s the most BDSM beginner-friendly. It involves a loss of control, which is essentially submission. The point of orgasm control is that the submissive lets the partner decide when they can come, and in most instances, the dominant derives pleasure from watching their partner beg hard to be finished off. Edging, for example, is an act where one partner brings the other to the brink of climax and then “holds back” by running their genitals slowly along with the other’s.  


But you can also bring sex toys in the mix, with the use of remote or Bluetooth-controlled vibrators. The one that holds the device has the power. You can even incorporate handcuffs here as well, just to make sure that the sub doesn’t try and steal the remote from the dom!  


For when it’s time for power play  


The fetish: psychological play  

The sex toy: restraints, gags, collars, and leashes 


Many people think that BDSM is all about physical pain. It’s really not – BDSM starts in the mind. It’s power play, and dominance and submission start when each of the partners takes themselves to their powerful or powerless mental space.  


To establish power positions, sex toys Australia should be a part of the scene. The sub wears a restraint, gag, collar, or leash. This helps the sub feel submissive. And when the dom looks at their sub being all helpless and unfree, they’re able to feel their dominance over the sub as well.  


Beginners, always remember not to rush into BDSM. Invest in a BDSM toy one at a time – maybe get accessories like collars and gags first, and move up to restraints later.  


Don’t forget to check in with your partner from time to time. Finally, aftercare is a must! Cuddle and debrief after every session.  


Come get your new fetish sex toy at The Romance Warehouse  


We’re 100 percent kink-positive over at The Romance Warehouse. Order today and you’ll be indulging in your deepest fantasies very soon. For your enquiries, call us at 0409 614 277 or email us at 

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