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Naughty Novelty Gifts Ideas For Your Girlfriend

Posted by Harry Deller on

Scratch the idea that anniversary, wedding, or birthday gifts for your girlfriend have to be on the “wholesome” side of online shopping. Romantic gifts like jewelry, clothing, makeup, or bathroom essentials are great of course and will definitely be received with much love and appreciation. But who says gifts like vibrators, sexy lingerie, and pussy satisfiers don’t classify as romantic? In fact, gifts like these fall squarely into the romantic category! When you gift your girl sex toys, you show her that you value the intimacy you share. It is a testament to how serious you are about understanding her body and its many, many pleasures. It shows that you listen and respond to her wants and needs, you respect her sensuality and sexuality, and you support her in her journey to discovering the wonders of her beautiful body! 

The surprised, elated look on her face as she pulls out (wink) your Naughty Novelty Gifts from the box will be a sight that is guaranteed to make your heart flutter. And it’s definitely going to be followed up by hot steamy sex -- whether it’s going to be passionate and romantic or wild and crazy, that depends on what you get her! Either way, you’re certainly going to have a great time celebrating your special occasion at pound town. 

Here are some naughty gift ideas to get for your lovely lady. 

Ease her mind and body with sensual massage oils

Massage oils make for great naughty novelty gifts because it hits two items in the love language list: gift giving and physical touch.  Massage oils are really tools that enhance sensory satisfaction with touch and smell being highly activated. Getting your girl a massage oil and then applying it yourself with erotic massage techniques makes for sex that is not just romantic, but also downright therapeutic. This can improve her mood, give her some headspace, and get her relaxed enough for a long night of passionate lovemaking. 

Tongue and nipple vibes for lickin’ and screamin’

When it comes to celebratory sex, it’s an unwritten rule that the effort scale is tipped a little bit and one partner services the other a little more. Up your game as a partner by getting her tongue and nipple vibrators! During oral sex, you can just let her sit back and lay comfortably in your love bed, while you have tongue vibes targeting the nerve endings around her clit. Your fingers can get busy targeting her G-spot inside while you leave the nipple vibes to take care of her nipple stimulation. The real gift here? A toe-curling, hair-pulling, full-body-engaged orgasm!

Guarantee her satisfaction anytime, anywhere 

You’ve heard of the classic vibrators, and most sex-havers have already got one in their drawers. (If she doesn’t, get her one!) Help her grow her sex toy collection with a clit vibrator, a vibrator that gives special attention to the vagina’s center of pleasure. What’s special about clit vibrators is they come in convenient sizes, so she can bring it around anywhere she wants. Even when you’re apart, she’ll be thinking of you when she uses it solo. 

Get her all strapped up

Strap-ons are generally more popular in the lesbian community. Getting couple strap-ons are considered to be one of the bigger moves in lesbian relationships, which means it’s the perfect anniversary naughty novelty gifts! 

For the hets out there, strap-ons also make for the perfect anniversary gift . . . yes, we mean pegging. Give your girl the chance to experience what it’s like to be the penetrator, and finally give yourself the chance to explore prostate stimulation! Nothing will make a girl happier than a novel sexual experience.

Sexytime that’s laced with love

Make your girl feel powerful and sexy by buying her lustful lingerie. Let her slip into a lace bodysuit online, fishnet thigh highs, or mesh and lace chemises and watch her adore the beautiful image she sees in the mirror. This is a gift for you, too: feast your eyes on the sight of the one you love all sexed up for an audience of one.

Leave her a piece of you (almost literally)

Perhaps the naughtiest gift of all: a clone-a-willy or clone-a-pussy kit! Penis and pussy casting kits are all the rave in the sex toy industry. The cloning kit’s main star is its medically tested molding gel that creates an exact replica of your genitals. You are literally producing your own sex toy -- as in a sex toy of your sex parts. This gift is perfect for long-distance partners; while waiting for the day that you get to have sex again, she can just use the clone and imagine the rest of you is there. She can provide you with a clone of her parts, too. Its best use is during phone or video sex. But even if you’re not long distance, this is generally a fun way to show your babe that you will “always be by her side.” 

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