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Nipple Play: Clamps, Suckers, and More

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No, the nipple orgasm is not just the subject of lore and legends. It is 100 percent real. Whether you go au naturale with your fingers or use toys like erotic nipple clamps, you can definitely tickle your way to the electrifying full body sensation that is the nipple orgasm. For the ladies out there, if you are curious about nipple play, this article is for you.  

First of all, what is the nipple orgasm?  

It is exactly what it sounds like: an orgasm you experience by stimulating your nipples. Many people think that clitoral or genital orgasms are the only ways a woman can come, but that’s where most people are wrong. The nipples are such highly sensitive erogenous zones that when they’re played with either during masturbation or with a partner, it can mean a whole new world of euphoria for you.  

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Not all ladies have experienced the nipple orgasm, and most may have only experienced as a side-pleasure during sex where genital or clitoral stimulation was the star of the show. For you to explore the many wonders of nipple play, it is helpful to think about nipple play isolatedly from foreplay or intercourse for a moment. 


Nipples are home to hundreds of nerve endings. When you play with them, you are actually also tapping into your genital sensory cortex, the part of the brain that’s aroused by genital or clitoral stimulation. Each of those three stimulation types feel different, but who cares, right? An orgasm is an orgasm! 


Many women describe the nipple orgasm to be significantly different from their clitoral or genital counterparts. Clitoral or genital orgasms come in waves, which means you can totally see them coming (pun intended) and anticipate the moment that the pleasure bursts out from inside you and spreads throughout your senses.  


A nipple orgasm, however, is a lot sneakier. It sends tiny bursts of electricity-like pleasure throughout your body, and as soon as that pleasure has built up enough, you will feel a very unique kind of climax: less “wild,” so to speak, but noticeably sharp and definitely delicious. It may even feel more intense during certain times of the month: before and during your period and during your ovulation days.  

Now you are asking, can men have a nipple orgasm too? 


The answer is a big yes. And his may even be more sensitive than hers are -- mostly just because they are neglected too often. So there’s plenty of untapped potential there, literally, if you catch that drift. While women’s nipples serve both as erogenous zones and as the human female’s main tool for lactation, men’s nipples are simply just erogenous zones. When played with, it can definitely drive your man to a crazy orgasm. 

Surprise: nipple play is for everyone 

Start exploring those little pleasure buttons today! Next time you find yourself all heated up, follow these tips to experience an earth-shattering nipple orgasm.  

Go au naturale with fingers and tongue 

Stimulating the nipples using one’s fingers is mostly instinctual. Plus, it’s different for everybody. You may like the standard tease. You may prefer a stronger squeeze. Some like a little bit of biting, or even just stimulation around the area and light taps onto the nipples themselves. This all depends on the person’s unique sexual preferences. So, the best way to find out what you like is to just try it out. Experiment solo or with your partner and lean into which technique suits you best. 

Grab your handy nipple suckers  

Nipple suckers, pumps, vacuums – call a rose by any name and it would smell just as sweet. Nipple suckers are must-haves for those whose favorite erogenous zone is the nip. It’s incredibly simple to use. You will find openings on these toys, kind of like little mouths. Prop them onto yours or your partner’s nipples, and through the suction, they increase blood flow to the nipple area. Increasing blood flow means increasing sensitivity to the area, which means just a few several pumps from the nipple suckers will increase your sexual arousal in increments! 

Pinch away with nipple clamps 

For those who have a special liking for the pinching part of nipple play, nipple clamps are for you. Nipple clamps come in all sorts of material, from silicone to metal, and you choose depending on what texture excites you best. You can even try one of those vibrating nipple clamps, which the hundreds of nerve endings on your nips will absolutely welcome with open arms.  


One good reason for getting nipple clamps is that they are great for multitasking: have the clamps take care of yours or your partners nipple stimulation while you get busy with other things.  


However, what makes nipple clamps most popular is their wide use in the magical world of BDSM. There are a few nipple clamps that directly cause pain, which is a source of pleasure for a lot of people. Sometimes, it’s the part where the pain is attended to that’s pleasurable, like having a wet tongue slide all over them just after a strong pinch. If that’s your thing, go for metal erotic nipple clamps! You can even get those that come with a ball gag, collar, or cock ring attached.  

Get creative  

With just how sensitive the nipples are, plenty of non-nipple toys can excite it. So get experimenting! Get a feather tickler and tease the area with it. You can also have your trusty vibrator make a pit stop to the nipples before traveling down the genital area. Different types of lubricant can give different sensations as well: oil, butter, silicone, you name it.  


Here is another great example of creativity: nipple stimulation and food sex live so closely. Grab tiny cubes of ice from the fridge and tease your partner with the coldness contrasting the heat they feel inside – also known as sensation play. Or maybe grab a bottle of whipped cream and eat it off their nipples – 100 percent guaranteed to make them moan like crazy!   

Make The Romance Warehouse a part of your journey to the best nipple orgasm ever 

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