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Sex Furniture: The Perfect Valentine’s Gift

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So you’re the happy, adventurous couple who has had countless moments of amazing sex. You have a whole treasure chest of sex toys in your room: everything from silicone dildos and flesh lights to vibrators and cock rings to sex dice and costumes. You’re looking for another upgrade to your sexy time. 


Or you’re the couple who wants to try out challenging positions, but you find that they’re more challenging more than they’re sexy. You feel you need a little help.  


Or you’re the couple who simply likes trying new things together. From restaurants to fun weekend activities to sex experiences, you like having your first’s together because you feel it brings you closer.  


If you’re one half of that couple, here’s an awesome gift idea to get for the one you love this coming Valentine’s day: sex furniture. Yes, you heard that right: not just toys, but actual furniture that can support your bodies and help you have better sex. How cool is that? 


Considering getting sex furniture in Australia this Valentine’s? Read on to learn more about why it’s worth every penny! 

 sex furniture australia

Why sex furniture?  


More than it is a pleasure-giver, sex is, mainly, a physical activity. You have probably heard experts say sex is a great form of exercise; specifically, it’s good cardio. You’ve seen it in your favorite porn: the best, naughtiest, raunchiest, wildest sex is one where the two (or more) participants are 100 percent physically involved, where “wet” means wet down there as well as all over due to sweat!  


For this same reason, exciting sex can also be particularly challenging. Sometimes in the middle of a round, we realise we don’t have the core strength or loosened hamstrings of athletes or porn stars. Not only does this break momentum, in some occasions it can also cause pain or injury. Performing positions such as stand-and-carry becomes much easier on the muscles with a sex sling or swing holding up the upper body and legs in the air. 


Sex furniture also helps in achieving your desired depth, whether in the vagina or the anus. Take a doggy style sex sling, for example. When you have this installed in your room, you can adjust the sling to the angle that lets the penetrator go deeper into the penetratee. The latter can also better maintain posture during doggy style by simply resting their upper body on the base. This reduces back pain during and after sex.  


Finally, perhaps the biggest benefit of sex furniture is its versatility. Use it however you want, just get creative and don’t forget to stay safe. It really doesn’t have to be about function, you can use sex furniture just for the sheer elegance and fun of it. Midair sex using a sling, for example, produces some of the most beautiful visuals: you and your partner will feel like two sexy cirque du soleil performers making love! Now that’s an impressive, unforgettable grand finale for a romantic Valentine’s date. 


Tips for when you’re buying sex furniture 


If you’re going through online catalogues of sex furniture, here’s a quick list of tips that can guide you as you make your choice. 


Think about positions 

You want to get the most out of your new toy for its function. Recall the times you and your partner had sex (this part shouldn’t be a problem at all, no ma’am). Identify which positions were difficult for either of you, or the ones you attempted but were unsuccessful at. Choose the sex furniture that you’re convinced can target these positions.  


Plan the layout ahead 

Make sure your room has enough space for it. Its measurements should be indicated in product descriptions (if not, call the manufacturer.) Account for the total space you would be occupying when you have sex: this includes the furniture as well as the users. 


Furniture like love wedges shouldn’t consume a lot of space, but if you want something like a sex sling, you need to be more keen on space estimation. Think about the most space-consuming position you could do. A good example would be dog in space, where the penetratee’s body lies horizontally in the air. When you’re estimating space, make sure you know exactly how tall your partner is. You don’t want them to hit their head against the wall when you’re taking them to pound town, do you?  


Consider setting up a whole experience 

Want to really up your game? An easy way to turn an otherwise homey bedroom into a full-on exclusive brothel room is to buy rubber sheets and covers for your bed. Its all-black, sleek design inspires a mood of wildness and passion. You can also slip into full sexy attire, do roleplay, use other toys – go crazy on Valentine’s night! 


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At The Romance Warehouse, your new doggy style position straps, sex sling, and rubber sheets await you! Throw in new sex toys, sex costumes, and essentials like lube and condoms to complete your preparation for a wild night of pure romance.  


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