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The Best Male Masturbation Toys

Posted by Harry Deller on

When it comes to going solo, men don’t really need to be told to do it. Ever since you can remember, you’ve been playing with your willy and enjoying every minute of it. Unzip, pull it out, and get to work -- easy, right? 


But sometimes, your hand – either one of them – can start to feel all too familiar. You need a change once in a while. So many men have resorted to going DIY, like stuffing foam into a cup. While there’s nothing wrong with this (as long as it’s sanitary, because, please), still, nothing beats using male masturbation toys that are actually designed for male pleasure.  

 Male Masturbation toys

Guys need to get themselves sex toys, too.  


It may be true that pop culture has tipped the popularity of sex toys onto the female side. There are two possible reasons for this. First, female pleasure and desire is naturally deep and complex that they would need tools, so to speak, to reach its highest potential.  


The second possible reason is that a lot of, if not all, men shy away from sex toys It might be pride: the usual “I don’t need help” attitude. It might be that awkward feeling in your body when you enter a sex store. Or it might just be that men don’t realise that there are sex toys made exclusively for them –  yes, sex toys you can use even and especially when you are going solo.  


It’s time to step up in your usual routine. Introduce new male masturbation toys to your life! Here are a few examples:  





When you think “male sex toy”, the first image that comes to mind is most likely the flesh light. And you wouldn’t be in the wrong! But don’t limit yourself to the example of flesh lights. There are plenty of toys out there that have the same basic function and anatomy of a flesh light, but are designed tto accommodate many different preferences.  


Adult toy masturbators, as they’re called, are toys that resemble the form of a vagina, asshole, or mouth. But that’s not all there is to it: inside, the texture is characterised by ridges to really give your shaft the sensation it needs. 


Think of masturbators as your entrypoint (yes, almost literally) into the world of male sex toys shop. It’s fairly easy to use: just squirt some lube inside, stick your penis in, and you’re good. It’s familiar, and it’s also not quite familiar: you already know what the in-and-out sensation is all about, except with a masturbator, there’s something so different and exciting about it.  


Cock ring 


Cock rings look so simple; at first glance, you might even confuse a standard cock ring for your girlfriend’s scrunchie. But cock rings offer so much more than meets the eye. The science here is simple: pop it on, and it restricts the blood flow at the base of your penis. What this does for you is that it allows you to feel a more heightened sensation.  


The restricted blood flow makes your penis more sensitive to whatever it’s in contact wth during your solo session, may that be your hand, your other hand (yes, a totally different experience from your dominant hand), a masturbator, etc. It may also even be extra sensitive to lube. Cock rings will also prolong your erection, so you can have a good time and a long time.  Cock rings shop are perfect for dealing with a morning wood the moment you wake up on your day off!  


Butt plug  


Prostate exploration is still considered a taboo in the male community, and that’s where men are totally missing out. Straight guys really better listen to their gay friends: there really is nothing like playing with your prostate. The prostate is the center of pleasure in the male body. Get it excited enough and your life will change for the better.  


Start exploring your prostate with a nice little butt plugs. The standard ones should be amply sized to reach where it should. Just remember to breathe and relax as you put it in, and don’t forget to be generous with lube. 


And, by the way, let’s address what our straight friends are probably thinking right now: no, exploring your prostate does not “make you gay.” It’s simply that your male body has blessed you with a  walnut-sized pleasure buitton. Why not check it out, right? And if it does “make you gay,” would that really be so bad?  


Penis Sounds  


Now, for the more experimental side of things. Penis extender sleeve sounds are tiny rods that you insert into your urethra. They’re about the size and shape of a drinking straw, and you put it in and out of your urethra to massage the inside of your penis.  


It’s not for everyone, but for the men who do love it, the complex mix of pain and pleasure is what drives them crazy for it. It might be worth a try! Just remember to follow user guides obediently.  




Would it be your first time buying a sex toy? If all this sounds a little too much, maybe you can start with using a special kind of lube. Put down that hand lotion or whatever it is you use and grab yourself a nice jar of adult lubricant, one that truly excites you. Some are scented. Some are extra thick or slimy. Some even have a butter-like texture.  


Different lube, different experience. Get exploring to really find out what your preference is. Of course, you should also use lube with other sex toys and especially with a partner, so it’s good to know what you want.  


All these male masturbation toys and more are available at The Romance Warehouse 


Not keen on physically visiting a store to browse for sex toys online? Why not shop onilne? Visit The Romance Warehouse and view our “Male Sex Toys” catalogue. With such a wide array of choices, you will definitely find something that’s suited to your taste.  


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