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What Warm Oils to Use for an Erotic Massage

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There’s no better way to cater to your partner than by giving them a massage. With the right warm oil for massage and basic massage skills, you can tell your partner how much you love them through the beautiful language of touch.  


Let’s say you want to take care of them after they’ve had a long day at work or an intense workout, or you simply want to take things a bit slower and sexier in bed. A nice massage would be your best bet. In this article, learn all about erotic massage, and find out which oils are best for you and your partner’s next hot lovemaking session!  


Quick Primer on Erotic Massage 


People’s first impression of erotic massage is that it requires you to have the same skills as your favourite massage therapist. That just isn’t true! What spells the difference between a massage and an erotic massage is in the name itself – the former offers stress relief, while the latter offers stress relief and foreplay.  


A true erotic massage is one where the scale tips to stimulation and sensuality a bit more. You don’t have to be an expert for that. You simply have to immerse yourself in the love and care you feel for your partner, as that will naturally flow through your fingertips and translate into passionate touch.  


But of course, the basics will serve as your guide. Here are a few tips on how to give an erotic massage:  


Learn simple massage therapy techniques 


There are a few basic strokes in a standard Swedish massage that you can apply. A few examples are: 


  • Long gliding stroke: one that uses either one or both hands to apply pressure along the back  
  • Petrissage: where you knead, roll, wring, and lift the tissue you’re working on 
  • Friction: where you apply circular pressure on the target muscle group 


Identify their trigger points 


Ask your partner which of their muscles or body parts feel tight or painful. You will probably get one or all of these common answers: head, back of the neck, shoulders, and lower back. These are the usual trigger points that develop from stress, so you want to put a bit more focus on these as you massage them.  


Remember the erogenous zones 


While you’re taking care of their trigger points, why not give a little love to their erogenous zones? You can glide your hands along their back as you nibble their ear, lick the back of their neck, or kiss their shoulders lightly. They’ll go crazy over the happy contrast of simultaneous pleasures you’re giving them: hard pressure on their muscles with a soft tickle on their erogenous zones!  


Use massage oils 


You want to avoid any discomfort. Use massage oils so that your hands can glide easily on your partner’s skin. While an oil-less massage can also feel great for your partner, it’s not as sensual as it would be when you use massage oils. Easy glide means slow but deep movements, which allows you both to savour your intimate time together.  

 warm oil for massage

Types of warm oil for massage 


Most massage oils are delicious to smell and feel (or taste, as there are also edible ones), so it’s unlikely you’ll get something you’ll hate! Here are some examples of the types of oils you can avail of:   


Regular or scented massage oil 


If you’re a beginner to erotic massages, you can start with these standard massage oils. The best ones are non-greasy and preservative-free. Others also offer other benefits like vitamin E for skin health. Simply choose which scent you prefer: there are flower scents, fruit scents, spices, and more.  


Candle oil 


If your partner prefers oil that’s a bit warmer than most, candle oils are your best bet.  


They’re simple to use. Light the candle, wait a few minutes for the oil to melt, blow out the candle, wait for the oil to cool, and then apply on your partner’s skin.  


Make sure the oil is not too hot, as that could burn your partner’s skin – and that’s not the kind of “hot” you want them to be.  


How essential oils’ scent affect your sex drive 


Massage oils come in many different scents. They fill the room with flavour, and that really makes for a true DIY aromatherapy experience. But of course, there are a few crowd favourites. Here are a few examples of how essential oils affect your erotic mood: 




There's no wonder why lavender is a popular fragrance among soap and perfume manufacturers: this scent decreases anxiety and stress. In bed, it prepares you for slow and sweet lovemaking.  


Ylang ylang 


Ylang ylang is a powerful aphrodisiac. It helps you get closer to a state of euphoria and improves your self-esteem, which in turn helps you perform better. It directly affects your cardiovascular and hormonal systems while also bringing your libido up.  




The jasmine scent helps you arrive at an ideal emotional and hormonal balance. If your partner is feeling a little down and out, they may be a bit resistant to stimulation. The scent of jasmine oil can bring them to a relaxed state and make them feel more open, mentally or emotionally, for sex.  




The smell of roses is associated with love and romance. You can never go wrong with rose. Not only does it inspire more emotional intimacy, it also aids blood flow, especially down there in the nether regions.  


Setting the mood 


It’s helpful to remember that the largest, most important sexual organ is the brain. The more you indulge your partner’s senses, the better they’ll feel in bed.  


Transform your room into a true sex sanctuary! To do that, cover as many senses as possible. You’ve got the sense of touch down pat with your massage. You’ve also got smell covered, with the aroma of your warm oil for massage. For hearing, play some soothing music; for sight, dim the lights or use a warm yellow lamp.  


For taste? Well, you already know.  


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