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What’s in a Male Sex Toy Shop?

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We see you, handsome. We know you’ve come a long way since your first nut. We know you remember what it felt like – discovering the high of ejaculation for the first time must have been an eye-opening experience, both figuratively and literally. That moment of sexual awakening has only left you curious about masturbation and sex, and this curiosity became your main motivator for seeking out new sexual experiences, whether solo or with a partner.  


Hold on to that feeling of sexual awakening, because you'll feel something similar after your first (or tenth) trip to a male sex toy shop. Getting yourself a new male sex toy is always an exciting experience! Here’s how the different items at a male sex toy shop’s shelves can help you discover your body’s many pleasures.  

 male sex toy shop



Male strokers are quickly catching on, and all the hype is well-deserved. Any seasoned masturbator has one on their nightstand, and for an unsurprising reason: it’s designed to be super friendly for male sex toy beginners. The sensation resembles that of an actual vagina, from girth to depth to texture. Squirt some lube into it and you’re basically good to go!  


After using this for the first time, you’ll wonder why you settled with just your hand all these years. Its texture takes care of direct penis stimulation, and all you have to do is bring it up and down at a pace you’re comfortable with. One of its best uses? Ejaculation practice. Many men train for the art of making erections last longer using a toy that actually feels like the real thing.  


Cock Rings 


At first, cock rings may look simple, even a little short of special. Most cock rings are literally bands of rubber that if they didn’t come with the package, you would think they were rouge items from somebody’s toolbox. But as soon as you try them, you’ll wonder how this simple sex toy makes you feel all sorts of good!  


Put a cock ring around the base of your penis and you’ll experience prolonged erections and intensified orgasms. Cock rings basically restrict blood flow down there (on a healthy level, of course) to help keep you going for longer than before. If you develop a real liking for it, try and up your game with a vibrating cock ring: a cock ring that also stimulates your partner when you come into contact with each other.  


Penis Pumps  


The penis pump looks a little complicated and may even resemble something you would see at the hospital, but it’s actually one of the best items you could get at a male sex toy shop. First, it’s not too hard to use: place the tube over your penis, turn it on or pump it manually, and once you feel your erection has reached an optimal level, remove it and have your fun!  


Now, the penis pump is a device that a lot of men are hesitant to use. For the most part, the stigma surrounding the penis pump has erected an unfair barrier between you and pure pleasure. What’s wrong with aiming for a bigger erection? Or for aiming for an erection? Sex is great, and you deserve to experience it in the best way! If a penis pump helps, then by all means, try it, and own it!  


And now that we’re on the subject of erection enhancers, you might also want to try penis extenders. They improve your girth and also make you feel good with its internal texture. Some penis extenders come with vibrators at the base, designed for partnered play. 


Penis Sounds 


Are you the adventurous type? Are you willing to explore the kinkier, racier side of sex? You might want to check out penis sounds. Penis or urethral sounding is a sex act where you take a metal rod (called a sound) and insert it into your urethra. Yes, it’s painful, and yes, it’s also so damn pleasurable. It makes your penis more sensitive to even the lightest sensation, whether that’s from a hand, tongue, vibrator, or whatnot.  


You can move it in and out to give your penis a massage of sorts, but from the inside. It may seem tricky and unconventional at face value, but when done right and with absolute safety in mind, it’s an experience like no other.  


Anal Toys 


If you haven’t tried prostate stimulation yet, you are missing out on so much. The prostate is the male equivalent of the G-Spot – as it’s aptly nicknamed as the P-Spot. It’s a centre of pleasure for men, and when stimulated can produce a completely unique orgasm experience.  


The prostate, as you may already know, is stimulated via the anus. Secure yourself a butt plug in the size and shape you’re comfortable with, and use it solo or with a partner to really explore your pleasure.  


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