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Which Lubricant Is Best for You?

Posted by Harry Deller on

You have heard it said before: lube is your friend. Whether you are using a toy to go solo or having sex with your partner, adult lubricant can make things easier, safer, and much more pleasurable for you. But if it is your first-time choosing lubricants, the process can be a little bit overwhelming. There is more than one type of lubricant, and your body and tastes will respond differently to each one.

But – wait a minute – why is lubricant important in the first place? Don’t many people go without and have an awesome time anyway? Well, that may be true, and yes, sex without lubricant can often be incredible as well.

However, you can experience a different type of pleasure when you use a lubricant. The added moisture and glide it gives to one’s vagina, penis, or bum can increase these body parts’ sensitivity, getting those nerves down there even more excited. Plus, it offers added safety when using a condom (you don’t want any discomfort due to friction, yikes.) Finally, when there’s simply a lack of natural lubrication down there for whatever reason, lube can more than make up for that.

So, whether or not you use lube every time you masturbate or have sex, it helps to just have a bottle or two ready for go-time anytime!

Which type of lubricant should you get, then? If lube is your friend, then, as in life, choose your friends wisely! In this article, you will find helpful information about lubes to add in your stash.


Water-based lube is the type of lube that can be applied across all types of activities. All condoms, both latex and non-latex, are compatible with water-based lube. They reduce friction during sex, keeping you safe from injury, and they also help reduce condom breakage, keeping you safe from unwanted pregnancy or disease.

Water-based lube can also be used with any toy, especially silicone toys which can be prone to wear and tear when exposed to harsh substances. Plus, when playtime gets all crazy and naughty, you should not be too worried if you accidentally ingest water-based lube! (It wants you to know it’s there for you; you just go and have your fun.)

If you are buying your first ever adult lubricant, then go for water-based ones. It is your safest and best choice, your ideal introduction to the world of yummy, gooey, creamy sex stuff. And if you have sensitive skin or are prone to vaginal irritation, water-based is the safest option for you as well. Also, in terms of post-sex maintenance, they are friendly to your clothes and your sheets; they will not leave a stubborn stain.

People who have explored other types of lube generally still keep water-based lube as a backup. When partners have other lube preferences, water-based can serve as a common denominator.


Another one that works great for sensitive skin is silicone-based lube. Silicone-based is a bit thicker than water-based lube, but the glide it offers can make you feel like you are sliding down a rainbow, straight into a pot of gold. Silicone-based lube is hypoallergenic and long-lasting, and unlike water-based lube, you will not have to reapply silicone-based lube too often. It’s a trusty option for those who do not want their skin issues getting in the way of their much-needed pleasure fixes.

Here is another reason some people prefer silicone-based lube: those who love to “multi-task” in the shower will need silicone-based lube. ‘Need’ is the operative word here – lots of vagina-havers experience a temporary dryness while water runs down their bodies. In situations like that, you would need a lubricant that lasts longer and requires less frequent reapplication. Silicone-based lube fists – er, fits – that criteria quite squarely, and you will not even have to apply too much.

They are a bit more difficult to wash off. They may also stain your sheets and leave a slippery spot on your hardwood floor if you accidentally spill some, but if you’re careful with storage and use, you should be fine.

An important warning: do not use silicone-based lube with silicone toys. It can sound confusing (silicone and silicone should match, right?), but the fact of the matter is that silicone lube can cause the rubber of silicone toys to degrade. However, silicone-based lube is perfect for hard toys such as those made of metal, hard plastic, glass, or steel – so if you’ve graduated to toys like that, you want to keep a bottle of silicone lube handy.


Now here’s one for the bedroom athletes. If you do not want to keep reapplying lubricant and you just want to immerse yourself in the moment, oil-based lube is for you. You might encounter a harder time cleaning your body and your sheets’ post-sex with oil-based lube, but if you believe uninterrupted fun is worth it, then, by all means, get yourself an oil-based lube.

Just remember that oil-based lube should not be used with latex condoms or latex toys, as it can also cause the latex to degrade and may break the condom or destroy the toy. Non-latex condoms may also be sensitive to oil-based lubricants, but it depends on the product itself. Make sure to double-check what it says on the packaging. Also, for vagina-havers who are prone to infection, you might want to steer clear of oil-based lube or check with your gynecologist and ask how you can use it safely.

The best thing about oil-based lube is that it can also be used as a massage oil. If you and your partner are exploring activities such as a yoni or lingam massage, you will have a great time using oil-based lube.

Whichever you choose, we’ve got just the adult lubricant you need at The Romance Warehouse

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