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Why Everyone Should Own a Sex Toy

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In this day and age, where the topic of sex and sexuality is becoming less and less of a taboo, people have become more open and willing to explore their sexual pleasure. This big change is one of the greatest feats of our modern society. We owe it to pop culture, social media, and the many gender-based movements that advocate for body and sex positivity. We have created a more open and welcoming spaces for people to express and discover their desires. 

The popularity of sex toys in Australia and in the world is largely due to society’s changing attitude towards sex. Now, people don’t only dream of having better sex -- they know exactly how to make that happen! With just a quick visit to an online sex store, people can become more creative when masturbating, close orgasm gaps between partners, and explore their body’s many erogenous zones. 

Anyone that’s having sex should be a proud owner of a sex toy, and any proud owner of a sex toy should be looking to grow their collection! When it comes to sex (one of our basic human needs), we owe it to our body and to ourselves to be aiming for the best. Here’s why everyone should own a sex toy.

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For yourself: Having solo sex can do wonders for your body and mind

When it comes to sex, the first thing that must be corrected is the notion that masturbation is less valuable than partnered sex. Many people think that masturbation is not really sex, it’s simply a quick release of tension; that if you feel horny, just give yourself a hand, so to speak, and you’ll feel relieved. People who think this way about masturbation also take masturbation for granted. Don’t be one of them! An orgasm is an orgasm, and whether or not there is another person in the room doesn’t affect its value or importance. 

No matter your sex, gender, or anatomy, your mind and body will benefit from solo sex. It reduces your stress, gives you a release of endorphins, improves the quality of your sleep, and even strengthen your immune system. 

This is why it’s important to always work towards better orgasms, even and especially when you fly solo (and, let’s face it, you go solo way more frequently anyway). The best way to improve your solo experience is by using female sex toys! For vagina-havers, there are vibrators, dildos, and kegel balls. For penis-havers, there are cock rings, strokers, and butt plugs for prostate stimulation (yes, the men who have had their P-spot activated have never looked back since). The next time you cancel plans to have some me-time, make sure it’s quality time!

For your relationship: Exploring sex toys together is a great way to build intimacy

When you start introducing sex toys to your relationship, you’re really telling each other that you’re ready to get even closer. A good sexual relationship is one where you are both honest and expressive about your desires, which you fulfill through give-and-take. Showing your partner that you are eager to make them feel good in bed is an expression of devotion and commitment, which they will welcome with open arms (and legs). 

Choosing sex toys with your partner involves communication, honesty, and most of all, compromise. The excitement you feel from a shared experience of sexual exploration will also be a feeling you both will crave, apart from the orgasms you give each other. What’s better than sharing a first-time together, like when you’re figuring out how your new sex sling works?

Keep in mind that using sex toys is not a sign that your performance is weak! This is one of the reasons couples don’t give a thought to sex toys: they feel that it shows they need “help” and that they are lacking in some way. This is not the case at all. Sex toys enhance the sensations you are already give your partner -- after all, you can’t make your human fingers vibrate, ever. So, if you’re already having good sex, go for gold with a sex toy. (If you’re not, getting sex toys is one way to show your partner that you’re not one to give up on them!) 

For your general sexual experience: Putting together a sex toy collection is the perfect way to know yourself better

Sexual desire is complex, and that’s exactly what makes it so beautiful. Sex toys help you discover every bit of your sexuality. 

Most people did not know they liked sensation play until their sexually adventurous partner put a blindfold on them, or that they liked anal play until they discovered anal beads. Some people also pushed the bounds of their sexual pleasure through BDSM toys like gags and straps, and eventually found out that pain and pleasure were sensations their body responded to incredibly well when combined. 

You only have one body, so you should get to know it better. And the better you know your body, the easier it is for you to ask for what you want and to find the person whose desire is compatible with yours.

And the ultimate benefit of it all: the better the sex you’re having, the more satisfied you are with life overall. If your body is happy, your mind and heart follow suit. As a painter would reach for the right paintbrush to produce different strokes, you should also reach for the right sex toy to create various, wonderful sexual experiences.

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