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Online Anal Plug

Think you’re ready to take it to the backyard and are currently looking for an anal plug online? Whether you want to experiment with a partner or discover your body’s many pleasures on your own, an anal plug will open up many new and exciting sensations for you to experience.  

You might be thinking, “The anus isn’t exactly the body’s center of pleasure, so why should I use an anal plug?” Well, you’ll be delighted to find out that that isn’t true – the anus is filled with plenty of nerve endings that can prove to be oh-so stimulating! (This is especially true for males, as they’ve got their prostate up there. For females, the happy spot is a little further in, called the pudendal nerve.)  

When you’re choosing an anal plug, take a look at the following features:  

If you’re looking for something easy to start with, silicone is your friend 

For beginners in the world of anal play, silicone is a good starting point. Its silky and soft exterior makes it easy to insert into the anus, and with the right amount of lube, you’ll experience only minimal discomfort. This is good for when you’re still trying to figure out how your anus expands, so then you can better prepare for when your partner inserts their fingers, tongue, penis, or dildo into your anus. 

If you want to constantly and gradually ease your anus into anal play, get yourself an anal training kit or anal beads 

As with all sex acts, anal play is better when you wait to be fully prepared for it. In an anal training kit, you’ll find anal plugs that come in different sizes or shapes. You can start with the smallest one and gradually move up to larger sizes. Anal beads are good for expansion training as well. Once you fully get comfortable with having something enter your backdoor, you can go au naturale next time.  

If you want a little bit more challenge, try different designs 

Glass or metal plugs are usually weighted, so you can perform a few contract-expand type exercises to up your expansion training. Other anal plugs are wider at the base and gradually get slimmer, others round have a contour that makes it look like a plug-bead hybrid.  

You can wear these during vaginal penetration or foreplay to keep the stimulation going all throughout the session. Just make sure to take it off before anal penetration. If you want a whole new different sensation, try the vibrating ones! 

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