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Butt Plug

Every day, more and more people are looking for butt plugs in Australia. There is no surprise there. A butt plug is a fantastic sex toy that can be enjoyed by everyone for an obvious yet delightful reason: everyone’s got a butt! No matter what you have in front, all bodies have all got back entrances, and all back entrances are seats of immense pleasure.  

And for that, butt plugs are a major contributor to your sex life overall. If you’d like to start experimenting with anal play, get yourself a butt plug today! Use solo or partnered; either way, you’ll have an awesome time.  

How to choose a butt plug?  

All butt plugs generally have a common shape: a taper tip for slow yet steady expansion and a narrow neck with a flare base to keep it from getting lost up there. But to figure out which specific design works best for you, take note of the following features:  

The bulb 

The bulb is the star of the show. It is the part that enters into your anal canal. Bulbs come in many different shapes and sizes: some girths slimmer while others are wider, some have a triangle-like contour while others are rounded at the bottom or even completely spherical. Some also have ball-like bulbs stacked on top of one another from largest to smallest.  

Take your pick according to where you are in your anal training. Most would prefer to start with the slim and small ones and gradually move their way up to longer and bigger. For your convenience, get a whole anal training set.  

The material and design 

Silicone is soft and smooth, while glass or metal is a little bit more rigid and heavier. Really special ones are fitted with carbon fibre. Other butt plugs have ridges on their exterior or penis-like features. Choose the butt plug that best fits the type of sensation you’re looking to experience.  

Other features 

If you want to try a little more added stimulation, try vibrating plugs! When done during foreplay, they can help ease up any tension down there.  

Aside from that, you can also get butt plugs purely for the sake of cuteness: check out jewel plugs that serve as a pretty accessory for your booty. 

You’ll find the best butt plugs in Australia at The Romance Warehouse. Throw in your faves to your cart and add the essentials like lube and condoms, and you’ll get plugging very soon. Call us at 0409 614 277 or email us at