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You might have stumbled upon a cock ring shop and looked away quickly, thinking nothing of what you’ve just seen. This is common, as cock rings don’t look all too fancy at first glance. But as in many other things in life, a little goes a long way. Nothing can be truer for this fantastic sex toy. When you find out what it’s for, what it does for you and your sex life, and how it can dramatically change the way you use your penis forever – there won’t be any going back.  

Ready to become a cock ring convert? Here’s a quick rundown on this small but magical sex toy for men:  

Cock rings help you last longer 

The basic function of the cock ring is that it restricts blood flow at the base of your penis. What that does is it prolongs your erection, helping you go for longer rounds or even multiple rounds with your partner. If you’ve got a partner that takes a little bit longer to climax (as in the case of females), the cock ring can help you stay at their pace.   

They make your ejaculation feel a thousand times better 

It’s a mixture of physical sensation and delayed gratification that makes climaxing with a cock ring on feel so much more fulfilling. With your blood flow restricted, your penis becomes more sensitive to sensation, whether that’s your partner’s genitals, mouth, hands, or another sex toy. But it’s also delayed gratification that makes you feel like a champ – when you finally get that “phew” feeling after all that grinding and pounding, you will feel unstoppable.  

Vibrating cock rings are great for partnered play  

When you use a vibrating cock ring with a partner, you get to stimulate your partner’s clitoris (for vagina-havers) or the area around their P-spot (for penis-havers) as you thrust in and out. Opt for shorter but deeper thrusts to keep the vibration in that area and watch your partner moan and squirm in pure pleasure!  

You actually don’t need a penis to benefit from a cock ring 

For non penis-havers, no need to fret. The cock ring makes for a great addition to your sex toy arsenal as well. Wear a vibrating one on your fingers or slip it on a dildo and you’ve got yourselves a custom bunny!  

For beginners and seasoned veterans alike, the cock ring is an essential part of your collection. Order one at our online cock ring shop now! For enquiries, call us at 0409 614 277 or email us at