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Kegel Balls

Pussy and Anal Kegel Balls

Use kegel balls for anal sex, intercourse training, or just general bladder control – whatever way you wish to use them, you’ll find that they’re some of the most helpful sex toys for women.   

What seasoned sex-havers know is that great sex is not just given to you – it's earned. And training for great sex does not just occur in bed: in between sessions with your partner, you will do well to prepare your parts in time for that next big wave of pleasure.  

Achieve better sex and more intense orgasms with these kegel exercisers. They’re incredibly simple to use. Lather them with lube, insert them into your vagina, and begin your kegel exercises: hold, clench, release, repeat. These exercises are easy and discreet enough to be performed even when you go about your day killin’ it at work or running your errands!  

How does a kegel ball improve your vagina’s functions? 

The key to a long-lasting, fantastic female orgasm is a solid pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is a muscle, and just like any muscle, it needs exercise to get stronger. Your kegel balls will come in different sizes and weights, so it appears it would be easier to think of them as dumb bells, but for your vagina! 

These vaginal and pelvic muscles contract every time you reach climax. If those muscles are strong, you will therefore experience a more heightened orgasm.  

Partners benefit from your kegel training as well. Strong muscles are firm, and the firmer you are down there, the tighter you’ll feel for your partner. Watch their eyes light up when you tell them you’ve been serious about your kegel training!  

Can one really use kegel balls for anal sex? 

Ah, the million-dollar question. Many experimenters look at kegel balls and think, “Hmm. Let’s try this in the other hole.” Is this really possible? Is it safe?  

Here’s your answer: yes, kegel balls can be used during anal sex, but must not be inserted into the anus. It is not designed for anal play, and it could feel anything from uncomfortable to downright painful when inserted into the anus.  

But when they’re kept inside the vagina during anal penetration, that’s when it feels great. When your vagina feels “filled” as your partner penetrates you from the back, the kegel balls and your partner’s penis or dildo work together to push and rub the nerve endings inside your vagina, under your clitoris, as well as in the pudendal nerve which is found close to your anus.   

If you want to explore both vaginal and anal penetration using kegel exercisers, check out our kegel training sets today. Choose the material, design, size, and weight that works best for you and your vadge. 

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