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It’s true, most guys drive or scroll past male sex toy shops without batting an eye. Most guys think that natural is better, and with their years of experience giving themselves a hand, they feel they already know their pleasure best and there’s nothing more they need to get off.     

This therefore means that most guys are missing out on life, big time. Don’t be one of them. Explore the depths and bounds of your male anatomy with the help of male sex toys from The Romance Warehouse! With toys especially designed to make masturbating, penetrating, and orgasming feel a million times better, the only thing you’ll regret about using sex toys is that you didn’t use them sooner!

Don’t fall into the trap of the bleak daily jack-off routine -- there’s so much more to stroking that you (and your hand) have yet to discover. Even in your lonesome, aim for greatness with new flesh masturbators and strokers. 

And in your twosome (or three, or more), aim only for perfection in motion with cock rings. Cock rings are known to improve erections and heighten the sensation during ejaculation. Start with classic cock rings or up the ante with vibrating cock rings that stimulate both your partner and yourself. 

Finally, start exploring the spot that’s guaranteed to open up a whole new world in your life: your prostate. As the center of pleasure for penis-having folks, the prostate is a little nugget of pleasure just waiting to be noticed. Use classic or vibrating anal plugs to hit your P-spot.


It’s time to change the definition of “toys for the big boys.” All these and more are available at The Romance Warehouse’s male sex toy section. Check these out today!