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Sex Shop Masks

Wondering what that mask in a sex shop is doing on its shelf? Contrary to popular belief, sexual pleasure does not only involve your man or lady parts. For good sex to become great sex, one has to engage as many of their senses as possible.  In the case of masks, it’s the visuals you want to make the most out of. When you involve masks in your playtime, you either want to see more... or not at all. Regardless of what type of mask you have on, you’ll definitely have an interesting time spicing up you and your partner’s passion session.  

Why should you consider wearing masks? 

Sensory deprivation  

Sensory deprivation can prove to be some of the most wonderful experiences one can have in bed. One great example of this is the deprivation of the sense of sight, with the help of masks. When you blindfold your partner, their other senses become more heightened, and they get to truly focus on the touch of your fingers, the wetness of your tongue on their body, and in some cases... the pain you inflict as you give your partner some spanking.  

Indulge mask fetish  

Does your partner have a mask fetish? It may seem a little bit unusual, but it actually opens up many opportunities for you to further satisfy them. If they have a mask fetish, they will be aroused when they see you wearing it, and even more when you slowly, sensually take it off. Surprise them with these glamorous masquerade masks. A helpful tip: choose the one that matches your sexy lingerie or underwear.  

Make it a part of your sexy costume 

Are you and your partner doing a little bit of roleplay? Or are you surprising them with a full-on sexy stripper service – lace lingerie, high heels, big hair, red lips? Fully-oiled body with only a G-string on? Make these masks a part of your big performance. Watch your partner sit back and marvel at the seduction game you’re playing, and have them thank you endlessly for indulging their fantasies.  

Another helpful tip for you: when you pick up a sex shop mask, it will also be convenient for you to pick up other items that you may deem helpful. At The Romance Warehouse, include your favourite sex toys in your shopping cart as well as essentials like condoms and lube.  

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