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Adult Toy Masturbators

Masturbation Toys for Male

Not everyone has encountered male masturbation toys yet, and those who haven’t are completely missing out.  

You penis-having people have been masturbating since you first hit puberty. After that very first high of getting hard and getting off, you found yourselves totally immersed and began doing it regularly, sometimes even every day. You’ve given your dominant hand a name and you’ve thanked it after every release (okay, maybe this doesn’t exactly happen a lot, but if some do, who would be surprised, really?)  

But there comes a point when the hand just doesn’t cut it anymore. You can start using your non-dominant hand so it feels like someone else is giving you a hand job, but this quickly gets inconvenient. You can use the two-hand technique, but this too can be uncomfortable at times (and yes, you need the other hand to click and press play, if you know what that means.)   

So, what do you need in order to become a seasoned, champion masturbator? You need to bring in the real toys for the big boys. Get yourself an adult toy masturbator now. 

These toys, also called strokers, are beautifully designed to give you the best sensation while also being so easy to use. Simply squirt as much lube as you want into its hole, move it up and down your shaft, and go nuts (literally!)  

At The Romance Warehouse, we offer many different kinds of male strokers. Take your pick according to: 


These strokers mimic the many different ridges inside a vagina to give you that realistic experience. The experience may even start from the outside: some of these strokers have thicker, more layered lips while some are the opposite. Whatever your preference is, you’ll find it on our catalogue.  


Do you prefer flesh-coloured, anatomically correct strokers? Or do you want the ones that come in clear silicone?  

Which satisfies you best: pussy, asshole, or mouth (or all three)? Or would you like to take it up a notch and get yourself an actual twerking butt?   

Like a little vibration for a little more variation?  

Think about what adult toy masturbator satisfies you best, as we’ve definitely got the stroker that matches the specs you prefer.  


A good number of our strokers come in their own built-in cases, so they look discreet enough to be put on your nightstand. If you need other accessories like a masturbator warmer or essentials like lube and condoms, you can get them at our store as well.  

Get scrolling now to get stroking soon. For enquiries about male masturbation toys, call us at 0409 614 277 or email us at