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Erotic Nipple Clamps

Erotic nipple clamps are the most underrated sex toys in the world. So many sex-havers overlook nipple clamps. Don’t be one of them. Try anything at least once. Once you’ve tried nipple clamps, you’ll be lost in so much pleasure that the only rational thing you’ll do next is head back to The Romance Warehouse website to order another set! Nipple Clamps Erotic

Nipples are licked, sucked, pinched, and even just looked at intently as they stare right back. Nipple action is already a major part of sexual activity, and sometimes it’s even done mindlessly. The nipple area is one of the most fantastic erogenous zones in the body, and when stimulated, they contribute to the overall orgasm. So why not raise nipple action up a notch by using clamps? 

Best value erotic nipple clamps

While it is mostly associated with BDSM (yes, the sensation can be intense depending on the clamp you use), nipple clamps can be brought in during any type of sex. No matter the type of sex, when you have clamps taking care of nipple stimulation, you or your partner can use your hands and mouth on other body parts -- and voila, multiple erogenous zones engaged! Erotic Nipple Clamps

You can always start with simple nipple clamps and gradually move on to those that give more pressure. We’ve also got clamps that are connected to ball gags, collars, and cock rings, for that intense BDSM experience. Nipple clamps also serve as cute sparkly accessories that can amp up bedtime visuals. 

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