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Celebrate your next big party with naughty novelty gifts care of The Romance Warehouse. What’s a better bachelor or bachelorette party than one where there are boobies and peckers all around? Nothing screams sex-for-life than a room that is decorated with sex!  

At our naughty novelty gifts catalogue, you can truly let your creativity take free reign. Whether you’re opting for subtlety with penis or boob-shaped straws or grandiosity with penis or boobie balloons, you will definitely find all the party essentials you need at our online sex store. Show your love for the bride or the groom by giving them a purely bangin’ send-off.  

For the bride 

The bride, of course, is the star of the show. Accessorise her with bride-to-be items. Start with our Bride To Be Veil that she can wear with her casual party dress. Don’t forget her Bride To Be sash! Make sure to take plenty of pictures at the party as well as the afterparty: you and your friends will want to look back on these moments many times in the future.  

For the groom  

There’s nothing more important than sending off your buddy to the world of married and family life. How to make your bachelor party memorable? Well, make it just a little bit embarrassing for him! Share a few laughs and interesting stories over a boobie football or big boobie balloons. Throughout the night, take shots to a blissful married life using our boobie shot glasses.  

For the room  

We offer a plethora of items you can use as party items. Replace regular straws with pecker or boobie straws. Blow your pecker balloons (and show the bride how it’s done.) We’ve got pecker and boobie candles, utensils, straws, and more! Go crazy on this catalogue. When it comes to bachelor or bachelorette parties, you can never have too much!  

For everyone 

We’ve also got naughty giveaway ideas for your guests. You can choose from the following: naughty card games, dicky sports bottles, shot glasses, party sashes, and more. We’ve also got fun dare dice that you can play during the party. All these items you can use as materials for your games – a little creativity goes a long way!  

Start preparing for your loved one’s pre-wedding bash today! Order these items now and have them ready before your party date. If you’ve got enquiries, call us at 0409 614 277 or email us at