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Penis Extenders

Penis Extender Sleeve in Australia

At The Romance Warehouse, our goal is to increase the popularity of the penis extender sleeve in Australia! While they may not be the most popular sex toys out there, the penis extender sleeve is one of the true stars on a sex store’s for-him shelf. Here is a quick rundown on how the penis extender sleeve works:  

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of them all: it increases your size 

Of course, it is important to note that size is not (and should not be) the centre of penetrative sex. However, the penis extender is less about the size and more about function. With a reliable penis extender, you can reach your partner’s G-Spot or P-spot more effectively.  

Why pull out and use other toys when you both can stay in the action while also reaching the spot you’re aiming for, right? That’s what the extender is for. Choose the length that works for you and your partner, and soon you’ll be exploring further into the depths of the vagina or anus.  

Add exciting new textures 

If good sex is a nice meal, sex toys are the secret ingredients. No male sex toy manifests that better than the penis extender. On its exterior, it’s got bumps, ridges, and nubbles, which can make your partner feel incredible as you rub in and out of their vagina or anus. This is especially great for the vagina, as these knobs can stimulate the many nerve endings found in there. Think of this as the thousand-times more evolved version of the dotted condom!  

Better ejaculation control   

Since the penis sleeve is thicker than a condom, you’re better able to manage and time your ejaculation when you’re wearing one. You can give your partner good penetration while you wait for your turn; and later, simply take it off, slip it back into that natural sleeve that’s a favourite of yours, and relish in the satisfaction of delayed gratification.  

Continue with sex 

Just because you’ve come already doesn’t mean you should give up on your partner! Don’t let them down. If you’ve finished earlier than your partner has, just put on your penis extender and carry on pounding. They’ll thank you for it for sure.  

Add more sensation to your favourite sex toy 

The penis extender is a gift to dildo and vibrator users. Because it has this interesting texture, you can put it on a dildo or a vibrator, and you’ll get a completely new feeling from a sex toy you may have had for ages. It’s perfect for solo sex as well as for when you’re playing around during foreplay.  

If you’re looking for a penis extender in Australia, you’ve come to the right place. Take your pick, add it to your cart, and before you know it, you’re having some real good fun with your new toy.