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Sex Furniture

Looking for quality sex furniture in Australia? At The Romance Warehouse, we’ve got just the right sex slings that suit your needs for hardcore, ultra-passionate, unforgettable sex!  

Most people explore their sex lives by trying different positions, using toys, doing a bit of role-play, and even some BDSM, but purchasing sex furniture – whether that’s a sex pillow, sex sling, or a full dungeon set – is quite an investment. It’s you saying, “I’m ready to take my sex life to a higher level I’m willing to take ‘higher’ literally!”  

Ready to spice things up with aerial sex? Here’s a quick sex sling buying guide.  

First, check the area in your space 

Before choosing a new sling, decide first where you want to put it. Make sure you account for you and your partner’s height, as you don’t want any accidents as you prop yourselves up vertically. We provide you with the sling’s measurements, so you can also make the appropriate estimations or rearrange your room’s existing furniture to accommodate the sling.  

Next, think about the many ways you can use your sling 

The main function of a sex sling is to aid you in the performance of relatively challenging sex positions. It improves your access to each other’s depths, allowing you to help each other reach a new height of pleasure. For example, you can take doggy style out of this world by performing the dog in space: yes, it looks exactly as it sounds! If that seems like something you and your partner (or partners) would enjoy, then carry on with your buying journey.  

Finally, you want something of good quality 

You want sex furniture that’s reliable. If you sacrifice quality, you or your partner might encounter untoward accidents. The only way to avoid that is to carefully check its features before buying. You want something that offers good support like leather, and metal slings that can really lift an adult human person’s weight.  

If you want to ease into the concept of slings, start with a doggy style position strap that allows the penetrator to pull the penetratee’s body closer to him or her. Then, move your way up to the sex sling.  

The most appealing benefit in a sex sling is that it’s simply so much fun to use! It’s not just the physical pleasure you’re after: you’re interested in the adrenaline that comes from doing something as interesting as it is challenging. Because of this, it forms a true bond between you and your partner.   

Purchase new sex furniture in Australia today. Grab your new extreme sling at The Romance Warehouse. Also available are neoprene rubber sheets and pillows to complement your extreme sex. For enquiries, call us at 0409 614 277 or email us at