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Noir Flinch Crop


Noir Flinch Crop

The Noir Flinch Crop is a very sensual BDSM accessory. With a long handle and textured grip, the beautiful Flinch Crop features two faux leather strips that produce an exhilarating sound and a stunning response. Flinch Crop is easy to hold and maneuver. From sensual and soft to stingy, its tips can deliver a variety of sensations. The loop on the handle means it will never slip out of your hand! Made of vegan leather. - IMPACT - Sensual Crop To Enhance Your Play - EXCITE - Two Separate Strips at the Tip for Exhilarating Sound - SAFETY - Wrist Strap for a Secure Hold - PEACE OF MIND - Handle Wrapped with Vegan Leather and Nickel-Free Hardware - SIZE - 45 cm Total Length - Crop Tip: 7.6 cm Length x 3.8 cm Inch Width